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Join Our Artisan Baklava Club!

Our Signature Monthly Baklava Club delivers box after box of scrumptious, decadent baklava to your recipient each month of your choosing.  At Sheer Ambrosia Bakery, I hand craft your gift the day before (to allow the baklava to cool and rest) before I package your order for shipping the next morning.  I take the utmost pride in what I do and I know your recipient (or you) will love the experience of receiving your gift.

Traditional Walnut

Traditional Honey Walnut – Our traditional honey walnut baklava is where the magic began. I learned to make baklava with walnuts 30 years ago. I was fascinated with the paper-thin dough, the honey, and all the nuts and spices that went into this recipe. I was even more intrigued once I tasted the finished product. What is that buttery, flaky, goodness I remember thinking. Now you can enjoy this tasty treat without any of the work. 45 layers of heaven I like to call it. Enjoy!

January:  Traditional Honey Walnut

Chocolate Almond

Chocolate Almond – This recipe came out of sheer love for my friends with allergies to walnuts. After having a few friends turn down my baklava because of their allergy to walnuts, I felt I had a duty to come up with a recipe sains walnuts…and what better ingredient to pair almonds with than chocolate? Turns out, this was meant to be. No one should have to go without the gift of baklava…enjoy!!

February: Chocolate Almond

Southern Pecan

Southern Pecan – I’m from the south, North Carolina to be exact, and there’s nothing like a warm delicious pecan pie as you listen to the rustling of the fall leaves in the yard…except maybe for a warm piece of southern pecan baklava. Go a step further and add a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream. You’re welcome! Enjoy!

March: Southern Pecan

Butterscotch Rum Walnut

Butterscotch Rum Walnut –Yes please! This is Sheer Ambrosia’s NEWEST flavor! Inspired by the change in seasons and the excitement for something totally different, I developed this flavor for all those in love with smooth buttery notes and the complex flavors that molasses brings to any recipe. True butterscotch is made with real butter and brown sugar and then I finish off the recipe with a hint of rum. I do hope you enjoy!

April: Butterscotch Rum Walnut

Maple Bacon

Maple Bacon Walnut –I have to admit, when I heard about the maple and bacon pairing craze…I couldn’t get to my baklava kitchen fast enough. The mapley bacon mixed with a generous amount of walnuts and honey is the end-all for all bacon lovers. The sweet and savory combination is perfect! Enjoy!

May:  Maple Bacon Walnut

Pistachio Pecan

Pistachio Pecan Mix – Pistachios and pecans are a perfect nut combination. The earthiness of the pecans combined with the wildness of the pistachio is perfect. The flavors do not compete, they compliment. If you love pistachios, this one is for you! Enjoy!

June:  Pistachio Pecan Mix


Blackberry Walnut – I cannot take credit for this one. I held a contest some years back for the next best baklava recipe and my friend Ethan Fraga won! That was the summer of plump, sweet blackberry baklava and now every summer can be the summer of blackberry baklava thanks to Ethan. Ethan, I love you forever and ever.

July:  Blackberry Walnut

*Only available in season

Summer Peach

Peach Cobbler Walnut – What’s better than Georgia peaches purchased from a road side fruit stand turned into the best sweet yummy cobbler? Utah peaches turned into the best juicy baklava with just the right sweetness and crunch, that’s what! On the day of my grand opening…I sold out of this flavor first! It was just so delicious and even more beautiful to look at.

August: Peach Cobbler Walnut

*Only available in season


Apple Pie Walnut – My mother’s classic apple pie was one of the many desserts my sisters and I looked forward to her baking for us. Throw a scoop of vanilla ice cream with it and FORGET ABOUT IT (in your best New York accent) …we were in ecstasy! So I decided to take that feeling and some apples and put it into my baklava. You won’t be disappointed... I promise!

September:  Apple Pie Walnut


Spiced Pear Walnut -- This was one of my first new baklava flavors. I love the aroma of candied pears with cloves and I took that essence from my childhood autumn memories and formulated this recipe.

October:  Spiced Pear Walnut


Cranberry Walnut Spice – This recipe has just the right sweetness to tartness ratio and the bright red cranberries are beyond beautiful. This baklava recipe is my top holiday seller! It makes the perfect Thanksgiving and/or Christmas holiday table inclusion. If you want to make an impression with the BEST dessert for your holiday spread, then look no further! Enjoy!

November:  Cranberry Walnut Spice

*Only available in season

Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum Walnut – There is no Christmas without the Sugar Plum Fairy and all of her delicious treats. She came to me in a dream and inspired me to create this flavor. The plum is very subtle in this recipe, but it adds whimsy and delight to my signature walnut baklava. Enjoy!

December: Sugar Plum Walnut

*Only available in season