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Join Our Baklava of the Month Club!

Keep your taste buds delighted with monthly handcrafted, artisanal baklava shipped right to your door or the door of your gift recipient. As a Baklava of the Month Club member, you’ll receive traditional and exotic flavors you can’t find anywhere else! We handcraft your order the day before to allow for cooling and rest before packaging and shipping your baklava the next morning.

Choose from 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscriptions in our Classic (12-piece) or Executive (20-piece) boxes.

Traditional Walnut

Our Traditional Honey Walnut baklava is where the magic began. Sheer Ambrosia Founder Rita Magalde learned to make traditional Greek baklava over 30 years ago and was fascinated with the paper-thin fillo dough, the honey, and the amount of nuts & spices that went into the recipe. She was even more intrigued once she tasted the finished product and its buttery, flaky goodness. Over the years, Rita has perfected her own version, which you can now enjoy in the form of our Traditional Honey Walnut flavor…or as Rita calls it “45 Layers of Heaven.”

January: Traditional Honey Walnut

Chocolate Almond

We know that many of our Sheer Ambrosia friends have allergies to walnuts, and that’s why we wanted to show our love for them by specially creating our Chocolate Almond flavor. After all, no one should have to go without the gift of baklava! Those without walnut allergies are also welcome to partake ????

February: Chocolate Almond

Southern Pecan

If you’re from the south, you know there’s nothing like a warm, delicious pecan pie as you enjoy the sound of rustling fall leaves in the yard…except for maybe a warm piece of Southern Pecan baklava! (Pro tip: add a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream. You’re welcome!)

March: Southern Pecan

Butterscotch Rum Walnut

Sheer Ambrosia’s latest flavor was inspired by the excitement of the changing seasons. Butterscotch Rum Walnut contains smooth, buttery notes and the complex flavors that molasses brings to any recipe, genuine butterscotch made with real butter & brown sugar, and is finished off with a hint of rum. Enjoy!

April: Butterscotch Rum Walnut

Maple Bacon

Maple-drenched bacon mixed with a generous amount of walnuts and honey. This is the be-all and end-all for bacon lovers!

May: Maple Bacon Walnut

Pistachio Pecan

The earthiness of pecans combined with the salty but slightly sweet taste of the pistachio makes this the perfect nut combination. The flavors do not compete; they compliment. Pecan and pistachio lovers alike…enjoy!

June: Pistachio Pecan Mix

Cherry Chocolate Almond

Cherry Chocolate Almond is one of Sheer Ambrosia’s latest creations. We start this recipe off with the tried and true deliciousness of our current chocolate almond delight but add more decadence by including a burst of tart by mixing in the intense flavor of dried cherries. The concentrated zest of the cherries is the perfect compliment to the already chocolate almond top seller. Each piece is hand decorated with an almond, a chocolate morsel, and a dried cherry on top of the 45 layers of hand-buttered fillo sheets drenched in our signature honey syrup recipe.

July: Cherry Chocolate Almond

Caramel Cashew Crunch

Our new Caramel Cashew Crunch was described in our test kitchen as tasting like “Christmas morning.” The subtle tastes of the roasted cashews mixed with the warm, deep flavor of real caramels are blended together to make the perfect treat. It’s unique and modern but still carried the vestiges of old world baklava.

August: Caramel Cashew Crunch


Founder Rita Magalde’s mother baked a classic apple pie that was one of the many desserts Rita and her sisters looked forward to devouring. This was the inspiration behind Apple Pie Walnut. Throw in a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you’re in edible ecstasy!

September: Apple Pie Walnut


We love the aroma of candied pears and cloves, as it is reminiscent of childhood memories in the fall. One of our first fruit-based flavors, Spiced Pear Walnut was created with such memories in mind. The result…a delicious baklava with an autumn-essence flavor you’ll crave.

October: Spiced Pear Walnut


Combining just the right sweetness-to-tartness ratio with bright red, juicy cranberries, our Cranberry Walnut Spice flavor is beyond beautiful and delectable. And as our top holiday seller, it makes the perfect Thanksgiving & Christmas table inclusion. If you want to make an impression with your holiday spread, look no further!

**This product is only available in October, November, & December.**

November: Cranberry Walnut Spice

*Only available in season

Sugar Plum

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without the Sugar Plum Fairy and all her treats. She came to us in a dream and inspired us to create this delicious flavor. The plum fruit in this delicacy is subtle but adds whimsy and delight!

**This product is only available in June, July, August, September, October, November, & December.**

December: Sugar Plum Walnut

*Only available in season