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September 14, 2022
Sheer Ambrosia Needs Your Help &
Earn A Little FREE Baklava While You’re At It!
Would you like to earn a FREE 4pc Box of Sheer Ambrosia Bakery Traditional Honey Walnut Baklava and help Sheer Ambrosia out at the same time?
In my efforts to continue building a trusted brand online, I would like to start showcasing Video Testimonials from my loyal, happy clients…YOU! Ideally, to bring new local customers into the fold, all I have to do is show up with a batch of my fresh baklava and start handing out samples. Unfortunately, with an e-commerce business, giving out samples is not a possibility. So I was thinking…”what is the next best way to convince folks who’ve never tasted my baklava to give Sheer Ambrosia a try?” Written testimonials are good, but video testimonials are even better! Video allows potential customers to see a face and hear a reaction, which make testimonials more credible, engaging and authentic. So many of you write to me and thank me for what I do. You tell me how much you LOVE my baklava and I’m over-the-moon grateful for the love, but your enthusiasm could really make a difference and help me expand the business if I could capture it in a recording. I have purchased a platform called Vocal Video that will help me do this.
Can you please take 5-10 minutes of your time to record a testimonial video for me? It’s so easy. This new platform makes it a piece of cake to record and send me a video review. If you do it…I’ll show you my appreciation by sending you a free four-piece box of my traditional Honey Walnut baklava in my new fancy boxes…see article about that below.
Thank you so much in advance for recording a video testimonial for me. I really appreciate it, and am excited to share your story with our baklava community on my website.
Here are the details on recording a video – it should take 5-10 minutes altogether.
Here’s the link to the Vocal Video collector: Click HERE to Begin
The 3 questions that I’d like you to answer are:
  • Could you describe why you purchased Sheer Ambrosia Baklava?
  • What has been your experience with my baklava so far?
  • Could you describe your overall experience with Sheer Ambrosia Bakery?
Here are a couple of tips:
  1. Pick a quiet and well-lit place
  2. Avoid having windows or a light source in the background, since that will create glare
  3. Look directly at the camera
  4. Relax and be yourself – you’ll do great!
Click Here to Make Your Video Testimonial!

Update on School


Below – Me with some members of Cohort 4 (including one
of our professors, Taft Price). Last Saturday supporting Isaiah
Tate and his new business, Valhalla Cell Therapy. What
an amazing group of founders!

It’s only been a month and a half since I last wrote to you all in July’s newsletter, but it feels like it’s been a century ago. A ton has happened since we last talked. I have so much to tell you. For starters, I am no longer in the MBC program at the University of Utah. I know, I know, I couldn’t stop gushing about how excited I was to have been accepted into the program and I am still so grateful to have been given this opportunity. I’ve made some amazing, lasting friends in the program, both in the other founders/students and in my professors/mentors. The reality and bottom line, however, is that I’m not a robot. I require more than a few hours of sleep per night and some down time in order to function and stay healthy. Running my very full time business and also going to school full time just is not humanly possible. I underestimated the rigorousness of the program and I didn’t grasp the delicate balance it is running an entire business by myself. There just isn’t enough time in a day for a two hour round-trip commute, three full days in class, lots of out of class homework, and a tutor to help me with Excel, plus time to bake and run my business. I tried really hard to do both but I very quickly saw the handwriting on the wall and had to pivot and make a decision on what was healthy, smart, and strategic right now for me as I approach my busiest season of the year. I cried and I sulked for a few days before and after I made the decision to leave the program, but then came the relief… it was the right decision. The good news is that all of my professors and fellow students rallied around me with so much love, concern, and understanding. I have never met a group of people so amazing in my life…except for you of course, my baklava family. You rallied just as hard for me when I told you all that I was going to attempt to do this and I thank you for your kindness and support.

With all of that said, I think it important to end the conversation by saying that I most definitely still stand by the MBC program and while the demands of graduate school don’t fit with my life at this time, I remain committed to the objectives of the program and the support of my cohort. In the little bit of time I was able to be in the presence of such a wealth of knowledge, I learned so much and the good news is, I was told by my professors that once a member of the MBC always a member of the MBC. Yes, they have asked me to consider myself still a part of Cohort 4 and have offered to help me with my business in any way they can be of service. I had the opportunity to meet up with a lot of the members of my cohort this past Saturday, at the grand opening of one of our classmate’s new business and I still felt like I belonged.
I felt compelled to make an announcement about this in my newsletter because so many of you have emailed, called, or have texted me asking how school is going. I thought I’d just let everyone know at once where I stand with the program. Thank you for all of your support and your belief in my ability to do it. For a second, I was embarrassed to tell you all the truth, but no, there are only 24 hours in a day and I didn’t quit because I couldn’t handle the work, I left the program because I have a thriving, exceptionally busy business to run.
Now it’s time to refocus and get ready for an amazing holiday season filled with baking the best baklava I know how to make!
With that said, if you know of anyone around the country (there’s an online cohort commencing in the spring) who is just starting a business and don’t have a lot of work yet and can take on a program that can help their business skyrocket to the next level, share the link below with them. This program is amazing and even though I can’t take part in the capacity I wanted, I’m still going to glean as much from my mentors as they will allow me to take.

Lots of Pretty Little Gifts Everywhere!

Click on the above video for more information about this new offering from Sheer Ambrosia Bakery.
I’ve heard you and I’m taking your requests into consideration. I realize that you want to share the Sheer Ambrosia Experience with more people but you can’t always afford to give everyone a 12 piece gift box. I get it and I’ve come up with a solution. COMING SOON Sheer Ambrosia will be adding a SKU to the site. You will be able to purchase a 10 count 4piece box bundle of Traditional Honey Walnut for $150. That’s right, you can order a bundle of ten 4pc boxes, perfect for neighbor gifts, employee gifts, customer gifts, or for whoever you want. And to clarify, it’s not 10 of the plastic containers (like the 4 piece freebie I give you for placing an order online). These 4 piece boxes are the fancy striped signature Sheer Ambrosia teal and brown boxes. You’ll have 10 fancy gifts to give out to whomever you want but on a budget. There is only a limited supply of the cute fancy little boxes and once they are gone, they are gone. So if you want to purchase your bundles, please respond back to this email and I’ll put you on the list. It’s while supplies last and I’m certain I will run out of these quickly.
*We will be adding the SKU for this item on the website very soon. In the meantime, you can email me to place your name and quantity you want on a wait list.

2023 Calendar Snek Peak

Sheer Ambrosia’s 2023 Calendar is under construction now. This year’s theme is:
A Taste of Wellness.
I’ve always been passionate about the role diet plays in my overall health and since an early age I’ve been drawn to taking a holistic approach to my well-being. I love to research food ingredients, read about their history, how in the past we as humans determined what was food, how we incorporated these ingredients in our diets and how these foods affect our overall health. Since the invention of the iPhone and Google, I constantly, sometimes even while I’m enjoying a piece of fruit or a bowl of something from nature, look up the health benefits. Hippocrates’ quote, “Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food” is always on the forefront of my mind.
In this year’s calendar, Sheer Ambrosia will highlight one ingredient from each flavor of the month and tell you what its health benefits are. January’s flavor of the month will continue to be Traditional Honey Walnut and the featured ingredient will be walnuts of course. Check out the health benefits of walnuts on this sneak peek of the calendar.
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