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Executive Business Building Baklava of the Month Club Program

Are you a small business owner who wants to add class and style to your brand in a BIG way? Check out my Executive Baklava of the Month Club Program below.

Clients are built one good deed at a time.  You don’t always need large expensive gifts to make a giant impression.  Our two-piece and four-piece containers of our decadent baklava make for excellent unique and sophisticated smaller treats to share with your clients.  Instead of a 12-piece box for one person, allow me to split that into six 2pc gift boxes to share with six of your existing, new, or prospective clients.  Say “thank you”, “I appreciate your time”, or “I am grateful to do business with you” with a small box of our baklava. These little acts of kindness and demonstrations of appreciation throughout the year will go a long way in your business.    My baklava is memorable and unique and oh so tasty at any size! So let’s say thank you to multiple people per month without breaking the bank.

Each month you order, you will receive your choice of either Six 2pc boxes for $36, Ten 2pc boxes for $60, Three 4pc boxes for $36, or Five 4pc boxes for $60.

Share your gifts through the year by choosing from three, six, or twelve months of gift giving and then choose which months you want your gifts to be delivered at check out.