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I travel to Greece every year. Sheer Ambrosia is better than anything I have ever tried in Greece. It is legit. The flavors are perfectly balanced. You will not be disappointed.

Shane Giddings

I worked with Rita and Sheer Ambrosia to order boxes upon boxes of baklava for a work Team event and she blew us away. Her product is absolutely GOURMET. Every last detail, the packaging, the design, the preservation, bows, etc. She even threw in some bonus flavors and gifts for us. Thanks so much for all your work. 100% will be purchasing again.

April Ke

I have just found my "go to" for Christmas presents, birthday presents or any other occasion to celebrate or indulge. Utterly delicious, elegant and inspired. Rita is a very talented baklava baker. Thank you.

Kathie Roberts

This is the most scrumptious baklava I've had, and the different flavors are super good and a fun departure! The traditional, maple bacon, and spiced pear are (so far) my favorites. Also, these make a wonderful gift...after all, that's how I was introduced to this baker's treats!

Kimberly Kirchstein

I didn't realize I liked baklava until I ate the best baklava ever. Sheer Ambrosia's baklava is incredible and such a fantastic treat. She also puts together the prettiest packages if you want to gift this yummy treat.

Kayla Arbon

Easily the best baklava I have ever tasted. Worth every single penny.

Kaylin Leigh

Rita’s baklava is the best we’ve ever had. Rita takes such care and pride in her baklava from the baklava itself to the packaging and presentation. She truly cares about her customer’s experience and expectations and always delivers!

Nichole Richards

I've had baklava from all over the world (including Turkey and Greece) and Sheer Ambrosia sets the standard.

Carlos Linares

If you haven't tried the baklava from this bakery, you must! It is hands down the best ever. I recommend for all occasions! She delivers all over the country.

Alysa Frenz

This is the best baklava I have ever tasted! I love to eat it one crispy buttery layer at a time. In addition to all of her flavors being delicious, Rita's presentation of her product is exceptional. I love sending out those beautiful Sheer Ambrosia boxes as gifts.

Sabeana Roberts

The very best baklava I have tasted. Very good marketing gift for my clients.

Creed Archibald

The baklava is the best I’ve ever had! I’ve ordered platters and gift boxes for holiday parties and gifts and they are always a huge hit.

Carol Askew

Best baklava on the planet! AND, Rita cares so much for each and every client. She takes pride in making every package wonderful, yet consistent.

Rachel Green

We sell this product to hundreds of our restaurant customers and it's absolutely loved. Best ever!

George Katzourakis