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Sheer Ambrosia Bakery started out as a passionate hobby that has grown into a thriving business. I started Sheer Ambrosia after running a travel agency for almost ten years with my then husband. After that partnership ended, Sheer Ambrosia was something constructive I could pour myself into while I still grieved the simultaneous loss of my marriage and the business we created together. Instead of focusing solely on pain and loss, I forged a new legacy for my children and myself. It has been 11 years since I started Sheer Ambrosia and the confidence I gained from this solo adventure helped me to write this book about love, loss, and how to come out the other side, a happier, healthier, more relaxed person.

Enjoy the book yourself or share it with someone going through the difficulty of divorce. My main goal is to bring comfort, hope, and support to all those grieving their loss and to empower them to reinvent their reality and propel themselves forward the way I chose to do myself.

Happy Reading,

Rita Magalde


I’m Rita Magalde

In the middle of the holiday season, with a young son and another baby coming any minute, my husband told me what he wanted for Christmas: A divorce.

The next several months took me through the depths of despair. As rough as it was, when I finally emerged, I knew what I had to do. It wasn’t what you might think. I realized I needed to pull myself together, take responsibility for my part in a marriage that didn’t work, and to forgive both my husband and myself.

Believe it or not, I found a way to do all of that and more, including reaching a resolution for handling the company my husband and I had founded and built together and starting my own now-thriving business.

Throughout the process of recovering, I paid attention to what worked, what didn’t work, what made me crazy and what kept me sane. And while everyone’s unique and every divorce is different, I discovered keys that will work for anyone.

Today, I am a proud parent, a sharp businesswoman, a relaxed ex-wife, and a happy person. I’m also a speaker and an author who knows how to keep my balance in turbulent times and I share that with others who want to make it through divorce with their confidence and sense of self intact.

The fact is, I went through divorce the hard way so now you don’t have to.

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