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April 2, 2022

For a long time, work and kids were my life and I didn’t have a hobby. That changed when I turned 33 years old and my beautiful Columbian friend Gloria invited me to an Argentine tango dance. I was excited because I had seen a movie called THE TANGO LESSON years ago while on bed rest during my first pregnancy. I never forgot the movie because the dancing was the most magical thing I had ever seen. So, one Saturday night, I got dressed and went with Gloria to my first milonga (a tango dance event).

I was doe-eyed and overwhelmed with excitement, not just for the dancing but the music as well. I will never forget the night…it was October 21, 2006…the night I fell

in love with Mr. Tango. Within two months I was on a plane to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for 10 days; and for the two years that followed I visited again and again to master the craft. I found my hobby! That was years ago, and while I do not dance as much as I would like to now, when I need an escape I head right to the amazing community of tango dancers that I know and love.

So, find something you enjoy doing just for you. It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money, but it does need to be something you are passionate about.

—Peace, Love, & Baklava Forever,

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