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October 9, 2021

Our minds are like magic! Whatever you tell it becomes reality! Don’t believe me? Think back in your life when you told yourself that you excelled at something. I bet you WERE good at it! Whatever you think and say out loud is kind of like asking the genie in the bottle for a wish. Whatever you ask, he/she makes it so. I learned this powerful lesson during the years after my divorce. I used to tell anyone that would listen to me how I was the victim of my unfortunate divorce. Unfortunately, this thinking and behavior took away my physical and emotional power, not to mention it stifled any chance at happiness. Every time I told that story, I could physically feel my power escape from my body.

I finally got tired of that victimhood mentality, and I started to believe and tell myself a different story. I started to take back my power, and I had to do that in my mind first. I started to tell myself a different narrative, and when I did my life started to change for the better. My self-esteem came back with a vengeance. I reestablished my membership at the gym and made one positive life change after another.

One of my favorite scholars on the power of the mind is a man by the name of Earl Nightingale. He is a master teacher of this concept. Whenever I start to feel down for whatever reason, I reopen the YouTube videos that others have posted of Earl Nightingale. My favorite recording of his is called THE STRANGEST SECRET. It is worth a listen. There is not a week that goes by that I don’t listen to this man’s talks. He is a genius, and he re-energizes me. I promise you, when you are done listening, you will feel like you can conquer the world.

So, cultivate a positive mindset. As Mr. Nightingale so wisely admonishes, our minds are like a farmer’s field: Whatever you plant in it will surely grow. You can plant corn (positive thinking) or you can plant nightshade (a deadly poison/negativity)…it’s all up to you!

—Peace, Love, & Baklava Forever,

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