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Two Draper Black-owned businesses turn harassment into teachable moment

By February 28, 2021March 30th, 2021No Comments

“Two separate phone calls came in Thursday night from a man identifying himself as ‘Lee.’ One came into Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen, the other to Sheer Ambrosia Bakery. The owner of Sauce Boss, Julius Thompson, shared recordings of the phone call to his Soundcloud account.”

‘I received a phone call from a gentleman at 9:41 on Thursday evening,’ said Rita Magalde, the owner of Sheer Ambrosia. ‘I, you know, didn’t think it would be business related at all because it was so late.’

The caller asked both Thompson and Magalde the same question: ‘Are you a Black-owned business?”

‘He then veered off on, you know, Black History Month and why is there a Black History Month, why isn’t there an Asian history month, or a brown history month,’ Magalde said. ‘He said that there was going to be a race war in this country.’

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Written by Diego Romo