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My name is Sherrita “Rita” Magalde. I was born in New York City, raised in North Carolina. During my summer trips to New York to visit family I came to love other cultures and languages. While working at a Greek-owned restaurant in high school and college, my love for Mediterranean gastronomy blossomed. I lived and studied in Quito, Ecuador and Santander, Spain where I perfected my Spanish. I have also traveled to Italy, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, France, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. Greece and Turkey are on my current wish list of travel destinations. Considering my passion for baklava, it’s a wonder that I haven’t been there yet!!!

I have lived in Utah since 1996. Before starting my pastry business, I co-owned a travel agency for nine years. It is my love of cooking, traveling, and foreign cultures that has set me on this path of sharing my first love -- baking -- with you. Enjoy my baklava and other treats and please return to see what other eclectic edibles I will be serving up next.

Sheer Ambrosia’s Cause…Introducing The Girl Effect

The Girl Effect is about leveraging the unique potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves, their families, their communities, their countries, and the world…http://www.girleffect.org

Sheer Ambrosia was founded by Sherrita "Rita" Roberts Magalde, a single, African-American mother of two, who despite finding herself on her own with two children at the age of 31, could see the good fortune in her situation; 1) she was born in the United States, 2) is educated and 3) had some means to start a business. In high school, Rita began her love affair with food and other cultures. In college, she traveled, lived, and studied abroad in South America and Europe. She not only learned to speak Spanish, but more importantly came to the realization of just exactly how fortunate she (as a woman) is to have been born in this country. Rita, inspired by the non-profit organization, The Girl Effect along with her passion for gratitude and service, now wants to educate those privileged enough to experience Sheer Ambrosia, on the plight of the 600 million girls in the developing world, who unlike her, have a significantly more difficult time building a successful, joy-filled, healthy life for themselves and their children. Rita is very conscious of the fact that the only real difference between her and these women and girls is the place where they were born. Sheer Ambrosia is committed to allocating three percent of all net profits towards furnishing micro loans to women in developing countries who need financing for their businesses, safe spaces to interact and education. It is Sheer Ambrosia's goal to help these young women in leading confident, self-reliant, dignified lives, something that we sometimes take for granted here. Please take a moment to visit www.girleffect.org and see how important women are to the future of our planet.

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