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    Sheer Ambrosia would love nothing more than to expand our reach across the country by selling to other businesses committed to high quality baklava, amazing customer service, and beautiful presentation. If you are one such business, fill out our application to become a Sheer Ambrosia Wholesaler.


Sheer Ambrosia bakery is expanding its wholesale division! If you are a verifiable business and would like to sell top-notch baklava in your establishment, look no further than Sheer Ambrosia and our 45 layers of hand buttered decadence. Your customers will be the recipient of premium, handmade, artisan baklava that is only made to-order from the finest, freshest ingredients. It will transform the way you think of baklava.

Made to

There are various ways you can purchase Sheer Ambrosia. If you are a fast-casual type restaurant and need the baklava to be in air-tight, see through containers (for impulse buyers), we have you covered. We sell in quantities of 1, 2, or 4 piece plastic containers. If you are a more upscale
establishment, we can sell it to you by the pan, pre-scored and ready to plate. If you are more of a boutique style shop and want our fancy, Sheer Ambrosia signature, striped boxes, we can accommodate you as well. We sell those boxes in quantities of 4 and 12 piece boxes. 

*Minimum orders apply.
Shipping costs are extra. Prices TBD.

Want to become a Sheer Ambrosia baklava reseller?

Selling Sheer Ambrosia Traditional Honey Walnut baklava in your restaurant, boutique, or eatery can be done in several ways, depending on the way your business runs. Usually, one of the below five methods will work for your business, but we are open to discussing other methods to get you the baklava you need.
  • Individual baklava pieces, placed in silver cupcake tins then put in clear plastic containers – This delivery method is perfect for more informal, dine-in, or carry-out restaurants (fast food, for example), which require a quick and sanitary way to sell baklava to individuals. Due to the bulk of the individual plastic containers, this method is reserved for local orders only. Minimum order 40 pieces.
  • 40 baklava pieces pre-scored and removed from the pan and packaged in Sheer Ambrosia boxes – Silver cupcake tins will be included with the order, but once the package arrives at your destination, you will need to cut and place each piece in the silver tins provided. Individual clear plastic containers are not included, but this method is the most cost-effective for shipping.
  • By the Pan – If you are a local sit-down restaurant and need to plate the baklava, this method of ordering is perfect. We will deliver a minimum of two 40-piece pans at a time, and when you need a new order, we will exchange two full pans for the two empty pans. (Local restaurants only).
  • 4-piece Fancy Boxes – This delivery method is perfect for the boutique-style business that is looking for a beautiful presentation as well as a delicious product, think floral shops. Minimum order of twenty 4-piece boxes.
  • 4-piece Clear Plastic Container – This delivery method is perfect for the grocery store/impulse buy situation where the customer needs to see the product in order to want to buy. (Local businesses only).
You must be a legitimate business to get wholesale pricing. Minimum orders apply. If shipping is required, shipping fees will be determined based on your location.





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