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    Find answers to common queries about Sheer Ambrosia Bakery and our delectable treats in our Frequently Asked Questions. Discover information on ordering, shipping, flavors, and more to enhance your baklava experience.
Sheer Ambrosia does not offer an assorted box option because the smallest sheet pan size we make for a single flavor is a 40-piece pan, and everything is made to-order.

For example: If you order a 12-piece box and want an assortment of four flavors within that box, we would have to make four separate 40-piece pans in order to include the four flavors. That amounts to baking 160 pieces in order to sell just 12 pieces, which would leave us with a lot of wasted product.

With that said, Sheer Ambrosia is committed to making our customers happy. When placing your order online, feel free to call Sheer Ambrosia and find out what flavors are being made that day. If available on that particular day, we are happy to create an assortment of those flavors for you.
Baklava has a lengthy shelf life, lasting anywhere from two to three weeks. It should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature or in the refrigerator, making sure to bring it to room temperature before you are ready to enjoy. Storing it at room temperature will preserve the crispness of the fillo dough.

You can also freeze your Sheer Ambrosia baklava to prolong the shelf life even more. Again, just make sure to bring to room temperature before you are ready to enjoy.

NOTE: The shelf life of non-fruit baklavas vs. fruit-filled baklavas are different. Due to their high water content, fruit-filled baklavas’ shelf life is shorter. Where you live geographically and the humidity of your region will also impact the shelf life of your baklava. Remember, Sheer Ambrosia makes everything fresh to-order so you can maximize and enjoy the shelf life of your baklava.

We use only fresh fruit in our baklavas. For this reason, the fruit must be in season or readily available in order to make.

  • Apple- and pear-filled baklavas may be ordered year round.
  • Peaches, plums, and cranberries are subject to the seasons. Please do not order when they are typically out of season (see below).
  • Blackberries are the most available out of season.

Here are a few additional guidelines for when our fruit-filled baklavas are typically available:

  • Apple Pie Walnut—Year Round
  • Spiced Pear Walnut—Year Round
  • Peach Cobbler Walnut—June through late September
  • Sugar Plum Walnut—June through December
  • Cranberry Spice Walnut—October through December
  • Blackberry Walnut—We attempt to source year round; however, if you order during winter months, we may call you to request an alternative. To be safe, you might want to put a second choice in the NOTES section of your order if you request Blackberry Walnut during the winter.
Sheer Ambrosia’s philosophy is to bake everything TO-ORDER. We want you to have the freshest baklava experience ever! With that said, the smallest pan size is a 40-piece pan so we do sometimes have extra baklava available. If you call us on a day when we do have extra, fresh baklava available, then we’re happy to package up a box for you to pick up. If you call on a day when we don’t have any extra, hopefully you’ll understand why.
NO! All Sheer Ambrosia baklavas have tree nuts as a main ingredient. In addition, our baklava is baked with equipment that processes a variety of nuts. If you have any kind of nut allergy, please do not indulge.
Absolutely! Depending on the size of your event, we are happy to accommodate you. Just give us at least three days’ notice so that we can source all of the ingredients we will need for your order. We will bake your order the day before your event so you and your guests will enjoy a super fresh experience!
Sheer Ambrosia uses the United States Postal Service as our carrier of choice. Of the big three mail carriers (Federal Express, UPS, and USPS), USPS is the cheapest option. We mainly utilize their Medium Flat Rate shipping box to ship our baklava. If it fits, it ships is their motto. The box can accommodate up to three 12-piece boxes in the Medium Flat Rate box. The cost of the box is $15.50 for shipping within THE UNITED STATES ONLY. This shipping price does not apply to any other part of the world. Please do not request that we ship to any other place other than the 50 states in our union. Sheer Ambrosia does not charge a penny more than the standard costs of shipping.