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The Perfect Gift Idea!

What Makes Sheer Ambrosia Baklava So Special?

The baklava at Sheer Ambrosia is produced under the loving supervision of its owner Rita Magalde. Passion for excellence, a commitment to using the best ingredients, and a love of beautiful presentation is what sets Sheer Ambrosia baklava apart from the rest. Also, Rita has been refining her recipe for over 30 years. She took something she learned as a teenager working for an amazing Greek family in North Carolina, and perfected it into what we have today…45 layers of the most decadent hand laid and generously buttered fillo sheets, filled with varying types of nuts and spices and then drenched in the most delectable lemon/honey fusion. Why “Sheer Ambrosia” as the company name? Because all it will take is one bite and you will know that it is truly food for the gods.

Baklava Makes An Excellent Gift Idea

Sheer Ambrosia takes the extra time to package its baklava especially for gift giving. It is not your typical cookie or cake. It is something different that celebrates the rich diversity of this wonderful country in which we all have the pleasure of living. It is an elegant sweet treat.

And for you, of course, it is a wonderful compliment to your morning latte or afternoon tea.

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Sheer Ambrosia baklava was the perfect touch for our wedding. Our guests loved it so much they all wanted to know where we got it. The presentation was beautiful and elegant, and the taste is out of this world!

Susan Radtke

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