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Sheer Ambrosia: The Art of Baklava with Rita Magalde

By December 3, 2020March 30th, 2021No Comments

“Rita Magalde of Sheer Ambrosia bakes delectable baklava, a succulent dessert pastry formed of crisp phyllo dough and drizzled with a honeyed sweetness or sugared syrup to hold it together. Chopped nuts mold each layer, and, once baked, the flaky dish crumbles and melts on your tongue with a flavorful duality of earthy walnuts and soaked honey.

Appropriately named, Sheer Ambrosia bakes food “fit for the gods,” says Magalde. Not any business can slap such a title onto their storefront and have it feel congruous. As someone who has traveled far past her current home, Draper, Utah, to better understand how food and dessert is derivative of varying cultures and identities, Magalde has earned the namesake. With baklava that is delivered across the United States, she has certainly mastered the craft and ardently recognizes cooking and baking as an art form, not just something that tastes good and satisfies a craving.”

Read the full article HERE in the Slug Mag.
Article written by Jamie Christensen