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Sherrita Magalde: Make every month Black Business Month in Utah

By September 3, 2020March 30th, 2021No Comments

“Once again, the country is reeling after another abhorrent death. Breonna Taylor. Darrien Hunt. Amaud Arbery, George Floyd. Countless others. Now, Jacob Blake.

In response to these horrific and unjust deaths, we saw the Black Lives Matter movement gain traction and support this summer. As people all across the country continue to protest in the streets, tens of thousands of Utahns are expressing their own style of protesting – not only in the streets – but also with support for Black-owned businesses. By putting their money where it really counts, Utahns are showing their love and support in meaningful ways and for that, I am so incredibly grateful.”

Read the full article HERE in the Salt Lake Tribune
Written by Rita Magalde